One of the things I truly love about writing for children and (soon) for young adults is being able to read what else is out there. I’m almost at the end of Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy, and although I want to know what happens, I also don’t what it to finish. It’s a terrific read on the surface, but thought provoking too. Tris and Four are love interest but their own characters too – just like having a real relationship, they have to find a middle ground. She addresses the issues teenagers face and think about on a grand scale. I picked up the books when my 12 year old step daughter was addicted to them. Not long until the movie of Insurgent is out, too, yay. I have also loved the Undead and Unfed novels by Kirsty McKay, undoubtedly two of the best teenager zombie books ever. I had them as talking books to listen to in the car, and couldn’t wait until I had to drive somewhere as a result. The recent boom in Young Adult Fiction has produced some amazing writing which lets Young Adults read just for fun or deal with the difficulties of growing up in the 21st Century. Next book? The Hunger Games!