Every writer’s dream is to be published. Mine was to be published by the kind of organisation that shares my values and will meet the needs of dyslexic readers too. 2018 is the year when my own writer’s dream comes true, thanks to the team at MJ Kids. The Uncooperative Flying Carpet has been through some tightening up and editing, and hits the virtual shelves worldwide as an e-book on 1st May, and the bricks and mortar shelves as a paperback on 7th August (noteable as my friend Nadean’s birthday!). To mark the occasion, I’m working on a schedule of school and book-shop visits, a launch party in Timaru and a free e-book (Tales from Dralfynia) available to everyone who signs up for my newsletter. There’s more creative writing teaching, which I love to do, and I’ll be working on Big Boots too. It’s all exciting, awe-inspiring, slightly scary and I’m wondering when I’ll get time to sleep, but bring it on, 2018 – I’m ready for it!!