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The first in the Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers trilogy, The Uncooperative Flying Carpet tells the story of Sabrina Summers, her little brother and her friends whose lives are turned upside down when Sabrina’s father marries a witch. Accidentally sent to the very (and I mean very) strange land of Dralfyina, the kids become old-fashioned fairy-story characters who battle bats, witches, goblins and deal with mistrust and betrayal so they can get back home before they are grounded for life. Unfortunately, all they have to help them is an uncooperative flying carpet, a unicorn with gas and their own wits. It doesn’t sound promising – do they get back to Melas? And if they do, what might they find waiting for them?

Published by Morgan James Kids ( – available online and from your local bookstore on August 7th, 2018!

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Sabrina Summers can’t believe her bad luck – she’s back in Dralfynia again and this time, she’s Prince Charming. It’s worse for her little brother, Rory though – he’s returned as Baby Bear! They are not happy. Her second strange saga leads her to a very uncomfortable pair of glass slippers (seriously, who ever thought that glass was a sensible medium for footwear?) and an even more uncomfortable realisation that there might be something a bit different about her and what she’s expected to do.

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The unputdownable final instalment of Sabrina Summers’ strange sagas. Follow her and the others as they face their greatest challenge yet – all out war with the Beast and his army with the entire future of Dralfynia at stake.

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