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Funny and Entertaining Books for Both Enthusiastic and Reluctant Readers

Like me, you may know exactly what it’s like to have a reluctant reader. They worry us to death sometimes, because we know – and they don’t know – how important reading is to life.

Enter Sabrina Summers and her unusual problems. She gets transported into a fairytale world that previously existed only in storybooks. Worse, she’s forced to travel with at least one person from school that she’d just as soon not have to deal with.

And then she finds out that she isn’t even really herself anymore and must stomp through this muddy, magical world in a ridiculous dress, arguing with a stubborn and oversensitive flying carpet.

Coming April 2020!

Book Two: The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers

They thought it was all over; they were so wrong.

Follow the further funny and scary adventures of Sabrina Summers as she and her friends return to Dralfynia.

They must battle the Beast with Eight Fingers, Witchy Wu and time itself to find a safe haven for Ruggy, rescue the real Cinderella and find the most uncomfortable glass slippers ever.

Meet Michele Clark McConnochie

A Passion for Stories, Learning, and Laughter

Michele Clark McConnochie lives in New Zealand with her husband and step-daughter, and their two rescue-cats. She writes features for local newspapers, teaches creative writing and has been a full-time writer of children’s books since 2014.

She is Welsh but originally from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and worked in education as a teacher and manager for over 20 years. She supports Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and secretly she is a bit of a geek.

She hopes people will have fun reading her books. More than anything, she hopes her books will make a difference in the life of a child.

School Zone

Opportunities for Your Readers

As a children’s author, Michele thinks it’s important to celebrate all aspects of children’s literature, including their own.

We all know that kids love stories. While few children want to be writers when they grow up, they enjoy being creative! The competitions and activities listed here are free-to-enter, not full of rules and regulations. They celebrate the imagination and are great for giving children a writing focus. 


Encourage your young authors in their dreams with writing competitions they will love.

Visits to Your Class

Michele would love to teach creative writing to your students with inspiring, informative, and fun lessons.


For the Press

Michele would love to interview with you regarding the needs of children, particularly reluctant readers and those with learning disabilities. With her teaching expertise and work as an author, she has her finger on the pulse of today’s top issues regarding literacy and best methods for encouraging lifelong learning and academic excellence. If children are going to reach their full potential in this life, they simply must be readers. 

Michele’s Favorite

Causes to Believe In

ChildFund New Zealand

Michele is a proud supporter of ChildFund, New Zealand. Her husband and she sponsor a child through them. Find out more at

World Animal Protection

Michele is a proud supporter of World Animal Protection and the brave work they do around the world. Find out more at:

American Dyslexia Association

Michele is a proud supporter of the American Dyslexia Association and the outstanding work they do in helping young and old readers alike. Find out more at:

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